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  1. Nilkamal Sleep mattresses are warranted for one year from the purchase date against material or manufacturing defects and are replaced only after inspection.
  2. The rebate on the MRP at the time of warranty claim is applicable as tabulated below:

    1 Year Warranty 1 Year Free Replacement
    2 Years Warranty 1 year Free Replacement
    1-2 Years 30% Rebate on MRP
    5 Years Warranty 2 Years Free Replacement
    2-3 Years 40% Rebate on MRP
    3-4 Years 30% Rebate on MRP
    4-5 Years 20% Rebate on MRP
    7 Years Warranty 2 Years Free Replacement
    2-3 Years 60% Rebate on MRP
    3-4 Years 40% Rebate on MRP
    4-5 Years 30% Rebate on MRP
    5-6 Years 20% Rebate on MRP
    6-7 Years 10% Rebate on MRP
    10 Years Warranty 1 year Free Replacement
    1-2 Years 80% Rebate on MRP
    2-4 Years 60% Rebate on MRP
    4-6 Years 40% Rebate on MRP
    6-8 Years 20% Rebate on MRP
    8-10 Years 10% Rebate on MRP

  3. The Warranty Card must be duly filled, stamped, and signed by the authorized Nilkamal Sleep dealer at the time of sale to the customer.
  4. The Warranty Card and relevant cash memo must be preserved and produced along with the product in case of a complaint.
  5. If one of your mattress pairs sags, only the sagged mattress is replaced.
  6. The rebate is calculated based on the MRP at the time of exchange.
  7. If your mattress variant is discontinued, you will be given a new mattress in the same price range as the original mattress.
  1. Take good care of your mattress.
  2. Turn your mattress from head to foot once a month for even usage and to avoid permanent body impressions.
  3. Do not bend, fold, or roll the mattress to avoid weakening the bonding and sagging.
  4. Sitting on the mattress or keeping heavy objects on its edges may ruin its shape.
  5. Avoid getting your mattress wet. Allow it to dry if it gets wet, but stain marks on the fabric will be permanent.
  6. We strongly advise a wet protective sheet when you use the mattress with children.
  7. Do not light a match or smoke near the mattress because the mattress material is flammable.
  8. Only place the mattress on a flat and firm surface.
  9. Do not pull the loose threads. Cut them with scissors.
  10. Do not remove the brand label for warranty purposes.
  11. It is normal for the mattress to smell after PVC removal. The smell goes away with proper ventilation.
  12. Do not jump or walk on the mattress.
  13. The tolerance on length or width is +/-12 mm.
  14. Flip reversible mattresses from top to bottom regularly.
  15. The mattress must fit the length and width of the bed. Improper installation may cause damage.
  16. Do not iron clothes on the mattress.


When the mattress conforms to your body shape, you may notice a slight mattress depression; this is called "Body Impression Marks," and it does not affect your comfort levels.

  1. Fabric damages, including tears, stains, soiling, burns, and colour fading.
  2. Damages caused by accidents, mishandling, heat, and incorrect usage.
  3. Mattresses that have previously been repaired or replaced.
  4. Body depression and indentation of fewer than 1.5 inches.
  5. Transportation cost.
  6. Stitches opening after 15 days of mattress purchase, even for tape-edge and quilting.
  7. Sagging or damage to mattresses caused by incorrect bed sizes and conditions, uneven resting surfaces, or improper bed structure.
  8. Preferences in comfort level (hardness or softness)
  9. Normal mattress wear and tear caused by usage, including the quilt stretching or loosening.
  10. Nilkamal Sleep will not be liable for any consequential damages, and under no circumstances will its liability exceed the price of the defective goods.
  11. The Company's decision on the nature of the defects and the applicability of the warrant is final.
  12. Warranty terms are subject to change without prior notice.
  13. Disputes regarding the warranty, if any, are subject to the jurisdiction of Mumbai.
  14. Return and Refund Policy Under 30 Nights Trial Offer

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