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While upgrading your bedroom with new furniture and mattresses, it is easy to become stumped on choosing between an 8 inch mattress vs 10 inch size. While both have its own advantages, an 8 inch mattress is a standard size available online and offline with medium firmness at varying prices. An 8 inch mattress has thinner comfort layers and is more firm, suiting back and side sleepers. 10 inch mattress has multiple comfort layers, while offering more thickness for middleweight adults. A 10 inch mattress has a longer lifespan compared to 8 inches, that can exceed ten years. It is slightly more expensive than an 8 inch mattress. While an 8 inch mattress vs 10 inch can be confusing, the ideal choice depends on individual factors. A 10 inch mattress is best for a broader firmness range, better spinal alignment, and reduced pressure points compared to an 8 inch mattress with minimal support and comfort. You can buy a 10 inch mattress and an 8 inch mattress online from Nilkamal Sleep, a one-stop bedding shopping destination with categories- foam, spring, latex, orthopaedic, and more.

Nilkamal Sleep is a one-stop bedding destination with a wide variety of mattresses, different mattress sizes, premium quality, and affordable prices. We offer ultimate comfort with the best sink-in system, free hand movements, luxury layers, soft fabric, waterfall finish, adaptive gel memory foam, and an adjustable pillow support system for side sleepers with our best-selling Side Align 10 Inch Mattress (White). For people looking to get rid of that backache, we offer an Orthopaedic 10 inch Mattress with highly cosy and supportive pure PU foam, three-layered comfort, advanced temperature regulation, anti-microbial TENCEL fabric, and orthopaedic support at an affordable 10 inch mattress price. Nilkamal Sleep is a pioneer in providing an exquisite mattress range, doorstep delivery, a 30-day mattress trial period, discounts, and offers.

The mattress thickness can either lull you to sleep or give you pain and discomfort. While a slim profile mattress from 2 to 7 inches is ideal for lightweight individuals and kids, it can ruin the sleep quality and create endless tossing and turning for adults. The standard size of 8 inches is ideal for contouring, support, and durability but can worsen your energy levels the next day if you are a heavyweight individual. A 10 inch mattress size is ideal for all kinds of sleepers with plush cushioning, body contouring, support layers, durability, and weight distribution. If you prefer more cushioning and plushness compared to a low profile 2-5 inch mattress, slim 6 to 8 inch mattress, a 10 inch mattress should offer a restful sleep experience. The answer to the question of mattress thickness boils down to the material breakdown, durability, lifespan, type of sleeper you are, your body weight, and medical conditions. But, a mattress 10 inch combines breathability, optimum support, motion isolation, and pressure relief under one blanket, making it ideal for adults.

A 10 inch mattress is a go-to option compared to a 12 inch mattress if you regard space limitations, price point, and standard cushioning. A 12 inch mattress exudes extra comfort layers and provides a softer sleeping surface. Personal comfort, bed height considerations, and ease of mobility are factors to think of before choosing an excessively thick mattress like a 12 inch. While a 12 inch mattress can incorporate advanced sleep technology, enhanced durability, and longevity, a 10 inch mattress provides a comfortable sleeping surface without taking up too much vertical space. 10 inch mattresses are also a good choice for individuals with small or specialty bed frames.

Different 10 inch mattress sizes are available on our website, including single, queen, and king. You can grab a reversible foam mattress, cooling gel memory foam, hybrid spring, and orthopaedic mattress from Rs. 10000 to Rs. 25000 with exclusive discounts and offers. Mattresses 10 inches in thickness accommodate different bedding needs, types of sleepers, and varying budget ranges while balancing support, cushioning comfort, contouring, and price. You can grab a 10 inch mattress from our Nilkamal Sleep website and indulge in a heavenly sleeping experience without worrying about quality, body weight, spine support, or sleeping position.

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