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work stress and sleepless nights

Weighted blankets relieve work stress and sleepless nights

Working in the 21st century is competitive and demanding but also remunerative. Most families, therefore, have both husband and wife working to earn decently and help lead comfortable lives and provide decent education and life for their children. Long working hours, less than adequate time relaxing with families, inadequate sleep, and unhealthy sleep patterns are some reasons why people are leading stressful lives. Stress can lead to poor mental and physical health and sometimes even injury.

It is important to address the cause of work stress to enjoy a healthy life. In the interim, people can take measures that modern technology provides to alleviate, minimize and manage the effects of stress. Amongst the technological solutions available, people can use weighted blanketswhich help the body experience therapeutic pressure and reduced stress hormone, and pillow spray, which helps sleep faster and have better sleep quality. Explore the Nilkamal Sleep range of Weighted blankets and pillow spray and give your body an essential stress-free sleep. 

How does work stress affect sleep?

High levels of work stress can hinder sleep by prolonging the time taken to fall asleep, resulting in interrupted sleep and the inability to experience deep, restful sleep. 

Loss of sleep triggers the body's stress response mechanism resulting in elevated levels of cortisol- the stress hormone. 

What is work stress?

Work-related stress is defined as the occurrence of unsafe emotional and physical responses when the requirements and demands of the job exceed the worker's skills, capability, and resources.

The effect of stress can manifest in people differently; what stresses one person may not impact another person. Factors like skills and experience, age, mental toughness, and outlook can determine how a worker can cope with stress.

What are the causes of work-related stress?

Work-related stress can be attributed to several factors. The key factors include:

  • Long hours.
  • Heavy workload or inability to cope with the demands
  • Tight deadlines
  • Sudden and unexpected changes in role and responsibilities 
  • Inadequate information and support
  • Changes within the organization
  • Problems in work relationship - with Boss or colleagues 
  • Job insecurity
  • Lack of autonomy
  • Boring work

Stress Management and the use of weighted blankets and pillow spray sleep:

It is important to address the factors causing stress. Considering that resolving stress will take time, managing the stress in the interim is equally important. Alongside efforts like work-life balance and lifestyle changes, technological advancements now help provide stress management solutions, which should be considered. Key available solutions that can be considered are:

1) Weighted blankets: Weighted blankets are proven to provide therapeutic pressure to the body. The deep pressure simulation is believed to enhance the production of Serotonin and Melatonin in the body. These neurotransmitters help regulate mood and sleep, respectively, while the pressure from the weighted blanket appears to reduce cortisol, the stress hormone. 

Check out the Nilkamal Sleep Weighted Blanket, designed to provide sound sleep by providing therapeutic pressure. The blanket is made up of: 

  • protective layer to secure the pressure-giving glass beads 
  • a breathable fabric layer in the middle 
  • light filling and soft microfiber top fabric

Benefits of using weighted blankets:

  • The weight of the glass beads helps calm the nervous system and facilitates sound and comfortable sleep. 
  • The weighted blanket is suitable for both back and side sleeping postures. 
  • The deep pressure and weight simulations enhance melatonin levels in the body and naturally promote sleep patterns.
  • It is very useful in reducing stress and anxiety, resulting in improved overall sleep quality.

Nilkamal Sleep weighted blankets come in:

  • various sizes- for use in a single bed, Queen and King size beds
  • different colors
  • chequered surface 

2) Pillow Spray: Made out of essential oils blended with vanilla, jasmine, sweet orange, lavender, and chamomile. Free of Paraben, check out the Essential oils pillow spray from Nilkamal Sleep backed by the assurance of Nilkamal. Spray your pillow with Nilkamal Sleep Essential Oils to calm your mind and experience a good night's sleep. 

Benefits of Pillow Spray:

  • It helps get sleep faster
  • Improved sleep quality during the night, promoting productive daytime 

Where to shop for weighted blankets and pillow spray?

One can explore both physical stores and online e-commerce platforms to purchase your sleeping aids - Weighted blankets and Pillow spray. If you are someone who loves the shopping experience in markets and stores, then explore your requirements from reputed bedding and mattress sections in supermarkets and exclusive Nilkamal showrooms. Touch and feel, talk to the sales personnel and get them to explain to you about the features of the above sleep products and get them delivered home. 

If you are not in the mood to go outside for shopping, just take up your smartphone, tablet, or laptop and shop online. You have multiple options, too – from e-commerce platforms like the user-friendly Nilkamal's Doctor Dream website. Explore and shop from the comfort of your homes. Verify what other users have to say about their experiences and feedback. You may get attractive prices and discounts and quick home delivery in convenient ready-to-use packing. Some online platforms may even offer a limited period option of "free trial and take back if unsatisfied- no questions asked." Nilkamal Sleep also provides mattress online purchase options. 


21st-century living comes with unimaginable comforts and conveniences. Unfortunately, demanding work has led to long working hours, irregular meals, and late-night sleeping, leading to work-related stress. While it is important for people to address the factors causing stressful lives, modern technology does provide certain help to mitigate and manage stress. Weighted blankets are known to promote sleep by applying therapeutic pressure, while Pillow Sprays can help induce faster sleep and improve sleep quality. Buy Weighted blankets, and Pillow Sprays from the reputed Nilkamal group promoted Nilkamal Sleep range of bedding products. Depending on your mood and convenience, go shopping in multi-brand stores or exclusive Nilkamal showrooms, or just make an online purchase, which may come with added discounts and free home delivery in easy-to-use packing. Either way, go ahead and get home your sleeping aids and enjoy restful sleep and stress-free lives.

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