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Why A King Size Bed

Things You Should Know Before Purchasing A King Size Bed

We all know the importance of sleep in our life. An average person needs around 8 hours of sleep to be physically and mentally fit, but that can't be done without sleeping in a good bed. When sleeping, everyone needs to be in a comfortable position and need enough space to sleep comfortably. A king-size could be the best option for you to have a relaxed and peaceful night. Essentially their huge structure requires a large bedroom floor space, but it can be the best investment for you. You can buy bed online as well.

Read along to know more about a king-size bed, its dimensions, and how easily you can buy king size bed online.  

Why A King Size Bed?

A king-size bed would be perfect if you value space and need additional space.

A king-size mattress and a bed are big enough to accommodate two adults and provide additional space. Best suited for couples with a kid or young couples with a pet, and not only that, but it's also best for individuals who like to have enough space while sleeping. You can  explore  Nilkamal Sleep  for king size beds online.

What Are The Dimensions Of A King Size Bed?

Standard king-size mattress dimensions in India are 72" X 85" or 76" X 80". It offers the same amount of space as two twin beds. Since it's a big bed, it's best suitable for larger bedrooms.  

Things To Consider When Buying A King Size Bed

  1. Before buying a king-size bed, you should know about the space available in your bedroom. Since it is a big bed and takes up a lot of space, it might be not easy to put designer wardrobes or decorate the room with many items. I preferred to check the room's dimensions before buying a king-size bed. 
  2. A king-size bed and mattresses big enough for two adults with additional space won't be the best investment for one adult. If you don't have someone to occupy the extra big space left, you may want to invest in a smaller bed and mattress. 
  3. A king-size bed is a good option if you prefer to sleep with a lot of space. A king-size is a great investment for individuals who are taller than six feet. 
  4. It's natural for kids to jump on the bed. Having a king-size bed and mattress will not just be safe for them but also fun for them. 
  5. Whenever you want to join you, they can. If you have a bigger bed, this also improves Parents' and kids' bonding. 
  6. Sometimes you may feel lazy to get out of bed on a cosy rainy morning or winter. A king-size bed is just amazing for breakfast in bed, enjoying with your family in bed, and the whole family can enjoy comfortably in a bigger bed. 
  7. Working from home is so much more common these days. What best than having a bigger bed and working comfortably. You can sit on the bed with your files and work comfortably in a bigger bed. 

Why Should You Invest In A King Size Bed?

  • To sleep comfortably and relax completely. Get better rest and stretch comfortably. 
  • Getting enough space for your kid or if you have any pets. Spending some quality time with your kid is necessary. Your kid may want to sleep with you, and king size bed and mattress are perfect for this. 
  • Studies have shown that couples sleep better in a bigger bed. 
  • Most people think that a king-size bed and mattress is not affordable 
  •  King size beds and mattresses are among the most popular beds. Most people prefer it as they are a great investment.
  • If you experience insomnia or restlessness during your sleep, a bigger and more comfortable one may help you. 
  • If you experience joint pain, back pain, or soreness, a bigger bed such as a king-size bed may help you in the long.
  • A king-size bed gives you room for breathing, and you can sleep comfortably. 
  • A king-size bed and mattress would be a great investment not just in terms of money but for a healthy lifestyle. 

What Do You Need To Know While Buying King Size Bed?

A king-size bed is quite large from a queen-size bed, and the width of a king-size bed is quite larger than a queen-size bed, and in length, they are around the same size. Not much difference there. 

Despite the popularity of queen-size beds and mattresses, the king size is not left behind. Many families still prefer a king-size for its space and having a comfortable, quality sleep. 

Before investing in a king-size bed, ensure you know your room's space. Several people will sleep on the bed. 

The sleeping style and how comfortable you want it to be. 

As the years evolved, the king-size bed designs have changed. Earlier in America, around the late 1940s, people used to buy full-size or twin beds. The sales wanted to increase their sales, so they started advertising using two twin neds and joined them together by placing it adjacently. But until 1945, it clicked them for making larger mattresses. After a few years, they finally started selling king-size and queen-size beds. 

Over the years, new marketing techniques were issued for buying a bigger bed to sleep better. The trick worked as well as people started to understand the importance of bigger beds and began focusing on their sleep and comfort.  Buy  from  Nilkamal Sleep  today!


This was all about king-size bed mattresses. The bed is perfect for big families and grown adults. Getting a night of quality sleep is so much important for everyone's health. What's better than sleeping on a big king-size bed and having a comfortable sleep. A king-size might just be your best investment of all time. Visit Nilkamal furniture's website to buy bed online. Buy a king size bed online and explore the various designs and discounts available.  Check out  Nilkamal Sleep  and get access to various king-size beds and mattresses. Happy shopping!

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