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The Perfect Support Mattress For Arthritis Sufferers - Latex Mattress

The Perfect Support Mattress For Arthritis Sufferers - Latex Mattress

You can treat joint pain yourself with self-care tips and treatments. As a result of arthritis or joint inflammation, various parts of the body experience joint pains. A person who has arthritis, joint pain, or body pain would have difficulty sleeping. The condition makes not only going to sleep difficult but also getting out of bed, sleeping without pain, and living a fulfilling life. A comfortable  mattress  is not just about enjoying plushness when relieving body or joint pains. A firmer or more supportive bed, like a  latex mattres, is recommended for people with joint pains.

Keep scrolling to learn more about the  advantages of latex mattresses  for people with joint and body pain or arthritis.

What is Arthritis?

  • The Arthritis Foundation estimates that arthritis covers approximately 100 medical conditions affecting joints. 
  • Arthritis causes swelling and severe pain in the joints, the lower back, the hips, the knees, and other body parts. 
  • Besides affecting the joints, arthritis can also affect internal organs and muscles of the body.
  • Furthermore, this condition often results in stiffness and mobility problems.
  • Many people have arthritis, but it is one of the least understood diseases. 
  • Even though it's more common among older people, this condition affects people of all ages.
  • Having severe arthritis can affect a person's sleep quality and daily activities. 
  • It will not cure arthritis but can improve sleep quality and lifestyle quality for people living with arthritis if they sleep on a  Doctor Dreams mattress.

How Does Arthritis Affect Your Sleep?

A person with arthritis experiences inflammation and pain around and in the joints and other connective tissues in the body. Thus, pressing these areas can cause excruciating pain, especially while sleeping. Moreover, the type of arthritis determines how uncomfortable sleeping is. Among more than 100 types of arthritis, these two are the most painful for sleepers.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Sleepers

A person with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) develops it when their immune system attacks healthy cells. Therefore, the joints' lining tissues swell, causing pain or damage. RA sufferers often struggle to find a comfortable position for their legs when sleeping. Consequently, they may develop sleep-related problems like anxiety, sleep apnea, drooling during the day, and more, in addition to their pain.

Osteoarthritis Arthritis Sleepers

Osteoarthritis is a disease that damages the tissues of the joints. As we age, we tend to develop this type of arthritis. As a result, it can cause inflammation, cartilage degradation, joint deformity, reduced mobility, and stiffness throughout the joint.

Due to the disease's effect on most body joints, such as the neck, knees, hips, lower back, and hands, this form of arthritis causes great sleep disturbance. Sleeping positions are more difficult to find with so many joints affected. Poor-quality beds can also worsen the pain, increasing the chances of sleep deprivation.

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How Does a Latex Bed Help With Arthritis?

Below are the  advantages of latex mattress

  • People with arthritis may experience real, measurable benefits from latex beds. 
  • Those with arthritis may find getting the deep sleep they need, thanks to the combination of latex's softness and body-aligning support.
  • Keeping the spine in alignment is achieved with the right  latex mattress , which gives softly under the hip and cradles the lumbar region. 
  • Patients with arthritis can benefit from this combination of softness and support.
  • Having a restful sleep environment and better alignment during sleep can also help relieve arthritis pain and help you sleep better.

Other Benefits of Latex

Due to a wide range of clients' values, its adaptability and comfort, latex. Since latex is naturally air-permeable, it "sleeps cooler" than memory foam, which acts as a heat sink. In addition to being supportive and soft at the same time, its natural characteristics make it difficult to replicate with synthetic materials.

You can find the right  mattress  for your needs by choosing from a range of latex thicknesses and firmnesses. Sleepers who lay on their backs or stomachs may need a firmer mattress than those who sleep on their sides, but every sleeper needs a bed that keeps their spine aligned. Natural latex foam provides that hard-to-find combination of body-contouring support and adjustable firmness.

Natural rubber latex is durable and long-lasting. A  latex mattress  can give consistent support for over 40 years if it is of the right firmness and supported by the proper foundation.

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People with Arthritis - Best Sleeping Positions

  • If you have arthritis, you should ensure your spine is aligned correctly and apply minimal pressure to all your joints when sleeping. 
  • Keeping your head, spine, and neck in a straight line is essential since curved parts of the body exert more pressure on the ligaments and tissues around the pivot joints.
  • Due to this, lying on your back will help relieve pain by keeping your spine in a neutral position.
  • Therefore, you need a  Doctor Dreams mattress  that supports and conforms adequately to your body. 
  • You may also use  pillows  and cushions for your head, feet, and lower back. 
  • Under your trunk, you can elevate it at a 45-degree angle using a wedge pillow. Under your feet, place a pillow for more comfort.
  • You should, however, place a pillow between your knees and under your arm while sleeping on your side. 
  • Remember to lie on the side of your hip, which is less painful.

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Latex is a natural temperature controller that minimizes allergens and aligns the spine comfortably and safely for a comfortable sleep environment. Suitable for people with arthritis, it is a cutting-edge material that aligns the spine and relieves painful pressure points. The highly breathable properties of latex beds also ensure that sleepers remain calm during the night. Particularly for sleepers with arthritis, this prevents heat waves from interrupting their sleep at night.  Buy latex mattress online  at  Doctor Dreams  and follow all the sleeping positions above for a fresh start every morning.

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