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Simple Ways to Maintain Your Wooden Furniture Look Like New

Simple Ways to Maintain Your Wooden Furniture Look Like New

Wooden furniture  plays a pivotal role in making your home cosy and inviting. Furniture pieces are a great choice to add some texture and create a positive vibe to your living area. Wood is a natural material that can make a timeless look in the form of a useful furniture piece to adorn your modern homes, farmhouses and villas. But, since it is prone to damages caused by constant wear and tear, it is essential to have a specific maintenance and care regime to make it last longer. When cared for and appropriately protected, all furniture pieces will look fab and serve well for several years to come. 


Every family will own a piece of  wooden furniture,  which you will proudly show off to your friends. It might be a spacious dining table, a beautiful bookshelf or a vintage-style nightstand which you have been using for several years.  King size beds, single beds, and  queen size bed  made using solid wood would be handed down for generations to come when regularly cared for. However, it would help if you also remember that even the high-quality furniture you own is prone to scratches and abrasion in the long run, which is why you need to take special care at regular intervals. Read on to learn about the caring tips and maintenance to take care of your  wooden bed

Top 7 Tips to Take Care of Your Wooden Furniture

With these handy tips, it is easy to take good care of your  wooden furniture  to keep it in the best shape for several years to come. 

  • Maintain a Regular Routine for Furniture Cleaning

One of the simplest methods to maintain your  wooden furniture  is to have a regular cleaning routine. You must clean the  solid wood bed frame  every week with the help of a soft and dry cloth using a gentle cleanser for wood. It will help in removing grime and dirt buildup while protecting its shiny finish from scratches and signs of constant use. If you can't find a way to clean it every week, try to create a cleaning schedule every month to maintain your  king size beds, single beds,  and  queen size beds. However, if you find that your  queen size bed  is looking a bit dirty, then swipe using a cloth immediately to prevent it from accumulating dirt. 

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  • Stock Up On the Right Kind of Cleaning Supplies

When buying cleaning essentials for your  wooden furniture,  make sure that you choose the latest products prepared with gentle formulation, especially for  solid wood furniture.  Avoid products that have harsh cleansing agents and chemical substances, as they can damage the finishing or varnish coating on the  solid wood bed frame.  The chemicals present in low-cost furniture cleaning solutions might spoil the look of your wooden beds by stripping away the polish. So, opt for gentle products to clean your wooden furniture to protect its finish texture for several years. 

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  • Don’t Overlook the Nooks and Corners

When cleaning your  wooden furniture,  ensure you don’t miss out on any part of it to keep it free from dust, pet hair, and allergens. Dust will accumulate with time on the  single beds,  and the hair of your pet might get lodged in the corners of your chairs and crevices of your sofa set or  modern bed.  Also, pay attention to the ridges, nooks and crannies of  bedding, mattresses,  and  pillows  on your wooden bed to remove all traces of dust with a soft, dry cloth or the dusting brush head of your vacuum cleaner.  

  • Protect Your Furniture from Damage

Even if you have invested in the best  wooden furniture,  it is essential to protect it from all kinds of damage to keep it in excellent condition. Exposing your  solid wood furniture  to extreme weather conditions like the sun or rain by leaving it outdoors can interact with the way it looks and might affect its durability. The  solid wood furniture  should not come in close contact with light or heat, as it might begin to fade or incur damages. Even if you have indoor furniture pieces like king size beds or  queen size bed,  ensure it is not placed close to your fireplace, open windows, and vents. 

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  • Repolish and Re-oil

If you purchased a few  wooden furniture  pieces like  single beds  or a  modern bed  a few years back, it might have become dry and may look duller than earlier. In such situations, you should apply a coat of polish or try to re-oil the  solid wood furniture.  Use a gentle cleaning product on the working surface of the furniture to prepare the grain by wiping it with a soft washcloth. Then dab furniture oil liberally until it gets soaked up by the wood. Then, continue to apply a coating of furniture protectant and let it dry overnight to make it fresh like new. Don’t use products that have petroleum distillates or silicone oil. 

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  • Pay Attention to Wear and Tear

Sometimes, despite handling  wooden furniture  with great care, it might incur a few damages like scratches or stains when there is a spillage or when moving homes. If your  solid wood furniture,  like a  modern bed,  has a few minor scratches, you can cover it by sanding the area to remove it and restore its look with a bit of polish. But, when there is extensive damage, you can cover it using wood polishing products or with touch-up sticks. If you have a painted  solid wood bed frame,  then you might have to repaint the damaged area to make it look like new. 

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  • Maintain a Consistent Environment

The environment in which your  wooden furniture  is placed has a pivotal role to play in enhancing its longevity. If you are residing in regions with extreme temperatures and high humidity levels, then the wood of furniture pieces like  king size beds, single beds,  and  queen size bed  might swell and develop cracks. So ensure your  solid wood bed frame  is placed away from your windows and entrance doors to prevent humidity from accessing it. You can also invest in a dehumidifier to maintain a healthy level of moisture and to maintain it consistently during wet or cold months. Also, don’t place the  solid wood furniture  near heating sources like your air conditioners and radiators to avoid discolouration and warping. 

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Summing Up

When you follow such simple tips to take care of your  wooden furniture,  it is easier to keep your furniture pieces looking fresh, like new. Sticking to a regular cleaning and maintenance regime will help enhance the longevity of your furniture pieces.. With the right caring and maintenance routine, you will own solid wooden furniture that will last a lifetime. Browse for wooden furniture online from the site of  Nilkamal Sleep.

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