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Should You Buy a Bed and Mattress Separately or as a Combo?

Should You Buy a Bed and Mattress Separately or as a Combo?

Buying the appropriate bed base and mattress is quintessential to reap the maximum benefits, get quality sleep and enjoy durability. The vast array of options online can leave you daunting to make the best decision for your  bed mattress.  You often confuse if you should invest in a  bed mattress combo  or buy them separately according to your preference. This blog will explain which one you should prefer and why with  bed mattress care tips.  Buy a  combo offer online  at an affordable price range.

Why Is a Good Bed Base Necessary for Your Mattress Life?

The  bed  base is the foundation that holds your  mattress  and improves your sleep system. Slatted bases (at cheap rates) in wooden, metal, or plastic will offer minimal support to mattresses causing them to sag, lump or bump. For a more consistent bed base, install peg boards or plywood. If you find sagging issues, identify lumping on top, or experience an achy body after waking up, your bed base is probably not working. If the bed base isn't good enough, it will cause your mattress to break, crack, sag or bend. If you have an older bed base that can hold only lighter mattresses, it may not be ideal for top-quality mattresses. To prevent such scenarios, buy a  bed mattress combo  from trusted manufacturers.

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What Rules Apply To Buying a Mattress on a Bed Base?

You should decide on the appropriate mattress type before buying it separately for your bed base, like a divan, bedstead, ottoman, or electric. Pairing the wrong base style and mattress type can disturb your sleep. Traditional pocket-sprung mattresses are two-sided and weight-heavy, and you should pair them with a sprung edge divan. Foam/latex mattresses need a consistent sleeping surface, and pairing them with an ottoman, divan or electric base will be ideal. If you mix the wrong combination, your sleep quality will suffer. Your bed and mattress quality will deteriorate over time, making you lose money. Buy  combo offer online  and pick a  king-size  or  queen-size  bed mattress combo  hassle-free.

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Why Opt for a Bed Mattress Combo?

We recommend buying a bed and mattress as a combo to enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Traditional slats can be less supportive, while a bed base with a platform top can help retain the mattress shape. If you buy a mattress separately for a traditional, less supportive bed base, you may need to change your bed base and mattress in the future. Buying a  bed mattress combo  online will keep you fast-forward with the changing market trend and allow you to accommodate the latest tech-induced mattresses on the bed base.
  • You will be stuck with the old style without being able to do a makeover to your bedroom. Buying a  bed mattress combo  online helps you choose according to your decor and does a fair job to fit your room aesthetics. 
  • You need not spend time ordering bed bases or tailor the look to suit your décor. A  combo offer online  gives beautiful designs to fit your aesthetics.
  • Buying a  bed mattress combo  will prevent squeaking sounds at night or lump formations because their bed base pairs with the right mattress.
  • A  bed mattress combo  will relieve you from size mismatches from varied manufacturers.
  • Bed mattress combo  is a highly cost-effective solution with attractive offers.
  • It prevents the scenario where old bed bases don't fit latex/foam mattresses and reduces wear and tear.
  • It provides uniform warranty/guarantee periods irrespective of the manufacturers.

You can buy a bed and mattress separately, but after knowing and understanding different bed bases and mattress types and how to pair them to get optimum comfort. If you do not have the time to do enough research, opt for a  bed mattress combo  online. 

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Bed Mattress Care Tips for Enduring Durability

Here are some golden rules to ensure durability and make your  bed mattress combo  long-lasting. 

  • Maintain hygiene and ensure proper air circulation to deter mould growth in humidity.
  • Transport your bed base and mattress with utmost care to stay intact while moving them on corridors, doorways or stairways. 
  • To extend the lifespan of the  bed mattress,  use a mattress cover during the rainy season to avoid damage from humidity. Guarding a mattress using a mattress protector can save the mattress from the body's natural oils, sweat or occasional spills. 
  • A regular cleaning roster can prevent dust and allergen accumulation. Always refer to the manufacturer's instruction manual and avoid harsh chemicals usage. 
  • Add a bed frame to support your mattress to make them last long.
  • Keep your  bed mattress combo  away from direct sunlight to save the surface of wooden or upholstered furniture.
  • Check the misalignment of connected slats frequently.
  • Opt for a good-quality mattress base to hold the weight of the sleepers. Buy a  bed mattress combo offer online  to get the appropriate bed mattress pair.
  • Flip your mattress to allow the fillings to resettle.
  • Check the fixtures and fittings of your bed frame connections for castors, feet, linking bars and the headboard. 
  • Refrain from overloading the storage drawers and stock lightweight  pillows,  duvets, bedding, and off-season clothing.

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Surreal sleep time comfort, durability and desired firmness level provide a peaceful night's sleep. A perfect mattress that stands tall on functionality and comfort can provide a comfortable sleeping session. Buy a bed and mattress separately or as a combo depending on your personal preference, budget, time and style.  Bed mattress combo  offers many benefits by supporting the mattress, complementing the decor, preventing size mismatches, saving time and money, extending lifespan, and providing a uniform warranty. To make your  bed mattress  long-lasting, follow the  care tips  above. Explore the  combo offer online  from  Nilkamal Sleep  to grab your appropriate  bed mattress combo  at an affordable price range. 

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