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Rest Your Way Through The Weekend

Rest Your Way Through The Weekend With These Tips

Take advantage of your weekend by taking a nap

The average person needs between seven to nine hours of sleep per night to feel rested. Unfortunately, one out of every three people receives less than that regularly. The reason may differ from your stress levels and sleep pattern to even your mattress and pillow. As a result, a substantial proportion of us is sleep deprived. The disparity between how much sleep you require and how much sleep you get is known as sleep debt. When you don't get enough sleep regularly, your sleep debt builds up, and your capacity to function deteriorates. It's more difficult to concentrate, your reaction times quadruple, and you have five times more attention lapses than usual. Surprisingly, these effects have been detected even when the sleep-deprived individual is unaware of any changes in their performance.

Sleeping in on weekends is a popular way to pay off sleep debt, and it is one of the best methods to relax and give your mind the rest that it deserves. In this article, we will discuss why weekend naps are good for you and the best ways for you to get stress-free sleep. So, grab a pillow and get ready to become a more effective and efficient person.

Tips For Getting Quality Sleep On The Weekends

There is some proof that sleeping on weekends might help recover some sleep debt. However, specialists suggest consistency as the best methodology for healthy sleep. Sleeping on two days of the week might be preferable over not getting sufficient rest for seven days. But, it is far better if you get more rest the entire week. Try these tips to get more rest during the week:

1. Follow a customary sleep plan

Stay away from variations in your bed-and wake-times, and put forth a valiant effort to keep a comparative rest plan on workdays and ends of the week.

2. Keep a customary exercise routine during the week

Try not to work out excessively near sleep time, particularly in anything that requires extreme intensity.

3. Keep your room dim, calm, and cool

Use blackout shades to obstruct streetlamps and early morning sun. Turn down the indoor regulator to a cool, mid-60 degrees Fahrenheit. Veil any commotion with background noise or playlist.

4. Clear your brain of interruptions

Try not to look at your gadgets in bed, and turn them off for at least an hour ahead of time if possible.

5. Watch what you eat around evening time

Weighty dinners and drinking can disturb your stomach and your rest. Watch out for your caffeine consumption, as well - make sure to stay away from it no less than six hours before bed.

6. Indulge in some accessories to help with your sleep

Accessories and additional solutions can greatly improve the quality of your sleep. So, you can go to the Doctor Dreams website and check out the vast collection of essential oils and weighted blankets to help you get that undisturbed sleep through the night or even through your little power naps.

Why Are Weekend Naps Necessary?

Weekend naps allow you to rewind and let go of the stress accumulated through the entire week. Instead of working throughout the week, having a midday nap on the weekends, especially when you would generally be working on the weekdays, can be cathartic and improve your mental health. In this regard, some ways in which it can be helpful are:

1. Taking an hour off on Saturday and Sunday as rest can wind up causing you to feel revived, restored, feeling refreshed and amazing and can prepare you to take on the world.

2. By incorporating weekend rests in your weekend schedule, you will become cautious about your caffeine consumption to ensure your midday rest isn't impacted.

3. Give your brain the rest by booking a healthy rest time needed by getting weekend rests as it is great for your health.

4. You have buckled as the week progresses, and a midday rest at the end of the week is something you have procured for yourself.

5. Following a debilitating week loaded up with work, social, and family obligations, staying in bed can feel like an award.

The Perfect Mattress: One Of The Major Factors Influencing Your Sleep Quality

I'm sure you'll agree that buying a mattress online isn't a simple job. You must first dispose of your old mattress before embarking on the time-consuming task of picking a new mattress that will serve you well for many years. And having a couple dozen makers, types, and materials to choose from doesn't help, does it? Fortunately, you can learn exactly how to choose a new mattress and the most crucial factors to consider. Simply follow the instructions below:

1. Decide your budget

Shopping for a sleeping mattress online lets you get the best value for your cash by removing the centre man - retailers. However, quality development is fundamental, so you're not left with a sloppy, hazardous bed.

2. Pick your type and material

There are three essential mattress types: Innerspring, Hybrid, and Foam. Hybrid are a mix of innerspring coils and foam. Inside the Foam, arrangements are latex and memory materials, the two of which have unique advantages.

3. Pick your topper

The individuals who incline toward added solace might choose a pillow top, which comprises a delicate material sewn into the cover.

4. Decide firmness

While picking a mattress, think about your resting position. Side sleepers will, in all actuality, do best with delicate to medium beds. Back and stomach sleepers should look at medium or supportive beds, while combined sleepers will benefit most from a medium-firm feel. One of the best options you can go for is an orthopedic bed, which is catered to align with your spine and give you the most comfortable sleep, regardless of your sleeping position.

5. Think about your weight

Your size will likewise decide the right solidness. Lighter people will do best on delicate to medium surfaces, while heavier people should look at firmer models.

6. Think about extra features

A few mattresses are made for movable edges. These features have an extraordinary capacity to change the dozing position in view of your inclination. The waterbed is considered a decent choice if you want something uncommon to ease back torment and joint inflammation.


For a mental boost, short naps have always been recommended. Not only that, but including weekend naps in your nap routine can help you reduce fatigue, boost awareness and alertness, improve your mood, improve your memory, improve your responsiveness, improve your work performance, and so much more if you get enough sleep. So grab a comfy pillow, spray some essential oil pillow spray, wrap your favourite weighted blanket, turn on some soothing music, and take a quick sleep because you know you deserve it.

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