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Orthopaedic Mattress vs Regular Mattress: Explore to Choose the Right Mattress

Orthopaedic Mattress vs Regular Mattress: Explore to Choose the Right Mattress

Many people need clarification on orthopaedic mattresses and other regular mattresses. It is essential to know the differences between ortho and normal mattresses. Otherwise, there is a possibility of picking the normal Mattress to be the ortho mattress. You can choose the right one when you know an  orthopaedic mattress vs regular mattress. If you can differentiate an ortho mattress from a normal mattress, you won't get into any trap quickly. Since there is no certified ortho mattress, it becomes difficult for a layman to pick the right type of ortho mattress. Awareness of differences can help you choose the right ortho mattress at a suitable price. 

Orthopaedic Mattress vs Regular Mattress

Many things differentiate  orthopaedic mattress vs regular mattress. Although there are many types of mattresses, the most common regular mattresses are memory foam and spring mattresses.

  • Differences in Firmness
  • An  orthopaedic mattress  is firmer than  memory foam mattress. Although both mattresses are made to contour your body or provide support, memory foam may also be medium firm or soft. Both mattresses relieve pressure by distributing body weight evenly. But, the firmness level of both mattresses creates a difference.

  • All Memory Foam Mattresses Are Not Orthopedic Mattresses
  • Although  ortho mattresses  can be memory foam mattresses, not all memory foam mattresses are orthopaedic mattresses. Most people think that a memory foam mattress contains the material of an  orthopaedic mattress. But, it is not true. A memory foam mattress may not provide the same support and comfort as the ortho mattress, and all memory foam materials may not require becoming an ortho mattress.

  • Differences in Regulating Body Temperature
  • Due to proper air circulation, the orthopaedic mattress is often cooler than a  regular mattress. The ortho mattress's breathable quality helps regulate the body temperature by allowing it to circulate the air through the mattress. Some specialized foam layers used in the ortho mattress absorb the excessive body heat and release it into the environment. But many regular  mattresses  need proper air circulation so your body temperature stays the same. 

  • Differences in Providing Body Support
  • An  orthopaedic bed mattress  provides body support. But, the normal memory foam mattresses adjust or conform to your body's shape. Due to the firmer surface, an ortho mattress pushes against your body. But, it does not happen with some normal memory foam mattresses. Even if some memory foam mattresses appear to be firm in the initial days, the firmness of these mattresses shrinks with time due to the retention of heat. But, the orthopaedic mattress remains firm for a longer period which helps to provide proper support to your body.

  • Pain Relief Option
  • An  orthopaedic bed mattress  is specially designed to relieve pain. Therefore, physicians recommend these mattresses to those with body pain. Although some memory foam mattresses can help ease the pain, they do not guarantee to relieve the pain completely. Therefore, physicians can not recommend memory foam mattresses to patients.

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    Differences Between Orthopaedic Mattress and the Spring Mattress

    There are also many differences between  ortho mattresses  and the spring mattress. 

  • Differences in Providing Support
  • An orthopaedic mattress provides more support to the body and helps keep the spine in the proper alignment. The high-density foam of the ortho mattress helps in equal body distribution and relieving pressure points. But, the  spring mattress  cannot distribute your body weight equally, and its softer construction cannot provide enough support. 

  • Durable
  • The high-density foam and latex layers make the ortho mattress more durable. Its firm surface is another reason for making it harder and more durable. But, spring mattresses cannot retain their resilience for longer, and their support shrinks over time.

  • Motion Transfer
  • An ortho mattress helps to reduce motion transfer. It enables you to turn around in bed without causing disturbances to others. The motion transfer allows you to share your  bed  with your partner. But, a spring mattress creates more motion transfer, and its coil system does not prevent the mattress from transferring motion.

    Factors to Consider While Choosing the Orthopedic Mattress

    Below factors mentioned are essential for picking the right ortho mattress:

  • Size
  • Size is an essential factor to consider while purchasing an ortho mattress. The size of the mattress should comply with the size of the bed. The proper size of the mattress can fulfil your requirement. Since the size of the mattress plays a vital role in providing comfort and support, you should choose the size very carefully.

  • Quality
  • Another critical factor is the quality of the mattress. You should check the quality of the material. Moreover, you should also analyse all the features that should be present in an ortho mattress. To be aware of the features of the ortho mattress, you should know the differences between an ortho and a  regular mattress. By understanding the differences, you will be able to determine the quality of the mattress.

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  • Firmness
  • You should also check the firmness of the mattress because firmness is essential to provide body support and equal body weight distribution. The proper firmness of the mattress also helps reduce motion transfer. 

  • Temperature Regulation
  • You should check whether the mattress can regulate the body temperature or not. You should ensure that the air circulates through the mattress or not. If the mattress contains a breathable option, it will absorb and release the heat into the environment. This system will help you to get a comfortable and relaxing sleep.


    You will always choose the right ortho mattress once you know the differences between ortho and regular mattresses. Most people need clarification while choosing an ortho mattress. Because there is no specific certification for an ortho mattress, you can select the right mattress as an ortho mattress when you are aware of all the qualities of an ortho mattress. Some people believe that all types of memory foam mattresses are ortho mattresses. The main purpose of an ortho mattress is to reduce body pain by providing support. If you want to buy a mattress, you can visit  Nilkamal Sleep.
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