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Memory Foam Vs Spring Mattress- In-Depth Comparison To Choose The Best Mattress

Memory Foam Vs Spring Mattress- In-Depth Comparison To Choose The Best Mattress

Every few years, you need to replace your  mattress.  But, when you go to  buy mattress, the  mattress  world has changed since the last time you bought one. Then arises the dilemma of whether to go for the early one or switch to the latest  mattress. However, despite numerous newer versions of mattresses available, the broader choice remains between a memory and a  spring mattress. The years-old conundrum of the  best mattress in India  is still between the  memory foam vs spring mattress. Both  spring mattress  and  memory foam mattress  have their benefits and drawbacks. Don't worry we are not elevating your choice issue. Instead, we will detail the pros and cons of a  spring  and  memory foam mattress  to help you select the  best mattress in India. After reading the comparison, it will be easier for you to  buy mattress  best suited for you. To buy a quality  mattress online, let's find which one is the best. 

Memory Foam Vs Spring Mattress: Pros And Cons of Both Mattresses 

The  spring mattress  has been the popular choice for decades. Whereas the  memory foam mattress, a relatively new addition, has gained immense popularity in recent years. It offers superior comfort and support combined with excellent body contouring ability to relieve pressure and stress. For people who prefer a soft  mattress,  this makes a  memory foam mattress  the  best mattress in India. To  buy mattress,  check out the comfy range of memory foam mattresses. 

A  spring mattress  is the most common style of  mattress  available. It uses numerous coils embedded in the  mattress  pad for an even weight distribution construction. Let's evaluate the pros and cons of  memory foam vs spring mattress  individually:

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Memory Foam Mattress: Pros & Cons

A  memory foam mattress  became popular as the  best mattress in India  due to its many benefits. They are:

  • Softness- There is nothing better than a  memory foam mattress  when looking for a soft and cozy mattress.
  • Body Contouring- The most important advantage of a this mattress is its ability to mould itself to your body form. You feel like the  mattress  is cuddling you. Then as you move, it gradually regains its shape. 
  • Motion Isolation- A  memory foam mattress  has an excellent ability to absorb motion or movement. So, when you share your  bed, you don't feel the other person's movement and vice-versa. 
  • Convenience of Purchasing Online- Purchasing a  mattress online  is easy. It can be delivered to your home packed in a vacuum-sealed box. Once you receive it, you open the box, lay the  mattress  on your bed, and it regains its original shape within a few hours. So, it's never been more convenient to  buy mattress  online without any worry about damage to its shape, form or structure.

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Along with the several benefits of a  memory foam mattress, there are a few drawbacks too. They are:

  • Varying quality- Memory foam mattresses can be found in various qualities. Most are good, but some can be subpar. And subpar mattresses won't offer the same benefits. So, to be sure of the quality, buy the  mattress online
  • Stuck feeling- Not all people like the body contouring ability of a  memory foam mattress. So, some people may feel they are stuck in the  mattress

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Spring Mattress: Pros & Cons

A  spring mattress  for decades has been popular as the  best mattress in India because of  its many vital benefits. They are:

  • Firmness- Spring mattresses are firm. The coil structure resists your body from sinking into the  mattress
  • Great Body Support- A  spring mattress  with an intricate coil structure offers great body support. 
  • Bounce- As a firm  mattress, it prevents your body from dipping into the  mattress. Its bounce moves with your body.
  • Affordable Price- Most basic spring mattresses are more affordable than other mattresses. 
  • Like a  memory foam mattress, there are a few drawbacks to a  spring mattress  too. They are:
  • Less Motion Isolation- A  spring mattress  has a good bounce. More the bounce, the lesser the motion isolation. 
  • Spring Sound- At times the springs or coils embedded in the  spring mattress  can make a sound or noise as you move. 

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Memory Foam Vs Spring Mattress: How To Select? 

Now that you have read  memory foam vs spring mattress  analysis, you have a fair idea what all benefits and drawbacks each  mattress  has. Both offer a different set of disadvantages. So, in  memory foam vs spring mattress, which is the winner? Well, the battle is no clear winner. You want to buy the best mattress for your sleeping needs. We have listed some key factors to help you decide which mattress,  memory foam vs spring mattress is better for you. 

You should buy a  memory foam mattress  when:

  • You want a soft  mattress  that can perfectly conform to your body shape.
  • You are a side sleeper and wish to buy a  mattress  with softness that relieves pressure from your shoulder and hips. 
  • You sleep with your partner and want motion isolation or no noise transference.

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 You should buy a  spring mattress  when:

  • You want a firm  mattress  that offers excellent support for your spine and back. 
  • You are a hot sleeper and want a breathable  mattress. The coil structure of spring mattresses allows easy air movement, making the mattresses breathable. 
  • You like your mattress to be bouncy, resisting your weight to sink in. 


We have presented to you an in-depth  memory foam vs spring mattress  analysis. And from the  memory foam vs spring mattress  breakdown, both mattresses have unique features. Choose a mattress as per the qualities you want in your  mattress. After all, both are great choices. Check out the excellent collection of all types of mattresses at  Nilkamal Sleep  to bring home the perfect mattress.

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