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Icefoam Mattress vs Memory Foam Mattress: Pick the Better One for Your Home

Icefoam Mattress vs Memory Foam Mattress: Pick the Better One for Your Home

Every mattress is special for its features. If you want to know about  Icefoam mattress vs memory foam mattress, you must first know their features. These features will allow you to differentiate between these mattresses. Although both mattresses are manufactured using foam, there are some differences between the two mattresses. Memory foam is known for its special foam that conforms to your body shape with pressure relief ability. Icefoam is also popular for its cooling technology that can keep you cool throughout the night. Its cooling gel can regulate your body temperature and allows you to stay cool. Ice foam may also be used as an orthopaedic  mattress. But, all memory foam mattresses may not have the features of ortho mattresses. Read along to know  icefoam mattress vs memory foam mattress. The  best mattress comparison  is possible when you are aware of the mattresses. 

Ice Foam Mattress vs Memory Foam Mattress

Both  Icefoam mattress  and  memory foam mattress  have differences according to their materials and features. Although both are foam mattresses, you can find out some common differences. 

  • Cooling Technology
  • Since an  Icefoam mattress  is designed with advanced cooling technology with cooling gel, this mattress can release heat and keep you cool. Due to such cooling technology, the mattress can also regulate the temperature. But, a  memory foam mattress  does not come with such advanced cooling technology. Due to the absence of such technology, memory foam traps the heat instead of releasing it.

  • Provide Support
  • Both Icefoam mattress and memory foam provide support. But, an Icefoam mattress carries a high support ratio. Therefore, Ice foam is considered suitable for people suffering from body pain. People with back pain and spinal ailments often prefer Icefoam mattress due to its good support.

  • Orthopaedic Help
  • Most physicians suggest Icefoam mattress to patients as an orthopaedic mattress due to its benefits. The easily adjustable feature of this mattress helps people with body and neck pain. Its soft foam also provides maximum comfort. But, a regular memory  foam mattress  may not have the adjustable option. 

  • Motion Isolation
  • Ice foam is better at providing motion isolation. This mattress feature is helpful for couples who share the same  bed. The mattress prevents sleep disturbances by absorbing movement. But, a regular memory  foam mattress may not be so good at stopping motion transfer. 

  • Presence of Odour
  • An Icefoam mattress has less odour. But, a memory foam mattress has a strong odour due to chemicals. The smell comes from the manufacturing process. The usage of chemicals like polyurethane makes the odour stronger. However, the smell remains active for a few days. The odour of Icefoam mattress remains active for a shorter period.

  • Range of Firmness
  • Ice foam mattress comes with a single firmness level. It does not have a variety of firmness options. But, a memory foam mattress comes with a wide range of firmness options. The firmness level of memory foam includes medium firm and firm. The softness level of memory also comes in various options, including soft and medium soft.

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  • Maintenance Level
  • The maintenance level of Icefoam mattress differs from memory foam. The maintenance of Icefoam mattresses may require for the effectiveness of the cooling properties. But, memory foam may require maintenance to take care of its firmness. 

  • Bouncy Level
  • You will experience a more bouncy feeling with ice foam. But memory foam makes you feel less bouncy. The response rate of Icefoam mattress is higher than that of memory foam. Due to the highly bouncy feeling, Icefoam mattress provides more comfort.

    Factors to Consider While Buying a Mattress

    Below are some factors while buying any  mattress. These factors are:

  • Firmness
  • You should check the firmness of the mattress. Mattresses have different firmness levels, including soft, firm, and medium. You need to decide what type of firmness is necessary for you. Mattresses ranging from medium soft to medium firm provide moderate support. It also allows you to sink less. However, the firmness preference depends on body weight as well. The level of comfort also depends on the firmness of the mattress.

  • Size
  • The size of the mattress should be similar to the bed. A misfit mattress can never ensure you a comfortable sleep. Therefore, you should consider the bed and mattress size while you  buy mattress

  • Sleeping Position
  • Your sleeping position also matters when buying a mattress. You should know whether you are a side or back sleeper. Knowing your sleeping position will also allow you to choose the right type of firmness for your mattress because sleeping position and the firmness of your mattress matter a lot. You will get maximum comfort when you get the right firmness for the correct sleeping position.

  • Body Weight
  • Body weight is also an essential factor to consider. You will have maximum comfort when you choose a mattress according to your body weight. A firm mattress is perfect for heavier body weight. On the other hand, a soft mattress is considered suitable for less weight.

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  • Material
  • The fabric used in the mattress affects your comfort. The quality of the material also matters while making the mattress more durable. The foam used inside the mattress also matters to the comfort and durability of the mattress. Therefore, you should carefully check all the mattress materials so you do not need to regret it later.

  • Price
  • Every mattress's price differs based on the quality, comfort, and firmness. You should compare the features of different mattresses while checking the price. It will help you pay the correct cost for the mattress. Avoid compromising a little difference in price while choosing the quality of the mattress.


    The  best mattress comparison  between ice and memory foam mattresses lets you know the differences in features, quality, and firmness. In some situations, Icefoam mattressis superior; in others, memory foam better than Icefoam mattresses. You will have to make your preferences while choosing between these mattresses. First, you need to know your requirement and choose between these mattresses. If you want to  buy mattress  for a comfortable sleep, you should visit  Nilkamal Sleep  to explore various mattresses.

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