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How to Take Care of Your Bed Sheets to Maintain It Like New

How to Take Care of Your Bed Sheets to Maintain It Like New

The feel of slipping through a clean and crisp  bedsheet  can be inviting, especially after a tiring day of hard work. Studies also show that having a well-maintained  bedsheet  can improve your sleep quality. As every individual spends around 8 hours a day on the mattress, it is a primary place that you often tend to ignore. Though investing in a comfortable mattress and a modern bed is crucial to sleep better, it is equally important to invest in the  best bedsheet  and  upside down comforter  along with soft pillows to make going to bed a comfortable experience. 

To create an inviting and cosy space to sleep, it is essential to take care of your bedding by washing it regularly, drying it properly and storing it to maintain it like new. Read on to know more about the tips to get a soft, clean and long-lasting  bedsheet  that will help you achieve a satisfying slumber, night after night. 

Top Ways to Keep Your Bedsheets Fresh

Pay Attention to Bedsheet Labels

Understanding the cleaning process of your  bedsheet  will help you maintain it like new for several years. Instead of depending on a dry cleaner to get clean sheets every time, the easy method is to read the care tips mentioned in the labels of the  bed sheet set.  This would promote the longevity of your  cotton fitted bedsheet  and make it look beautiful year after year. 

The wash routine tends to differ based on  bedsheet style.  While some  bed sheet set  requires weekly washing frequency, some  bedding  items like  upside down comforter  require washing once a month or less. Maintain a regular washing schedule every week and stick to it to keep the  bedsheet  clean. However, avoid washing the sheets excessively, as it can affect their longevity. Follow the steps mentioned below to get better washing results. 

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Washing Bedsheets in Washing Machine

  • Begin with Pre-Treatments 

Check your  bedsheet  has stains or spots before popping them in your washer. Use stain cleaner instructions that are mentioned on the label of the  bed sheet set,  if needed. Along with your bedsheets, make sure your  pillow  covers,  duvet,  bed linens, and  sleep snug  are periodically washed to sleep in hygienic bedding every time. Avoid eating foods or drinking beverages on your  bed,  which might lead to spillage and staining. 

  • Choose Mild Detergent 

Using harsh laundry soap will degrade the quality of your  upside down comforter  with time. Choosing mild detergent with an effective cleaning formula will be beneficial to clean  cotton fitted bedsheets.  Maintain the exact amount of laundry soap suggested by the brand when you  buy bedsheet online  to remove the dirt altogether. However, do not use chlorine bleach, as it can damage the fabric of your  bedsheet.

  • Do Not Use Very Hot Water 

It is always advisable to use warm water to wash your  bed sheet set  instead of boiling water for the perfect cleaning output. Using boiling water for your  bedsheet  will cause shrinkage or damage to the fabric of your  cotton fitted bedsheet.  You can also use cold water in a regular or gentle cycle based on the type of  bedsheet  you intend to wash. Always choose the appropriate wash cycle based on the  bedsheet style  to enhance its life. 

  • Run A Specific Load Only for Bedsheets 

Though saving a lot of time doing your laundry together will be very tempting, avoid washing your  bedsheet  with everyday clothes, kitchen towels, and bath linens. Too much load with a heavy  bed sheet set  and  upside down comforter  can after the wash quality and increase the risk of tears or snags. 

  • Don’t Allow Bedsheet to Sit in the Washing Machine 

Always be prompt and take the  bedsheet  off the washer as soon as the cycle ends. So, you can prevent your  best bedsheet  from absorbing any odour or getting mildewed. Plus, the incidences of wrinkling are also averted. 

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Drying Your Bedsheets

  • Choose Gentle Drying Cycle

The drying cycle that you set for your washing machine is equally important, like the wash cycle setting and water temperature level. Go for a gentle or normal drying cycle and avoid choosing the top heat setting, as it will spoil the sheen and texture of your  best bedsheet

  • Remove The Bedsheets Immediately 

 Ensure that the  bedsheet have no damp areas and are fully dried before taking them off the dryer. Also, do not leave the  bed sheet set  for long in the dryer and hang them to dry after the drying cycle ends, thereby preventing the wrinkle from setting in. 

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Storing The Bedsheets with Care

  • Remove The Creases and Fine Lines 

If you love using crisp and fresh linen with well-structured folds, press it with a hot iron. Keep it in a low heat setting to prevent direct heat from affecting the fabric of your  best bedsheet

  • Have A Safe Storage Section 

After folding the  bedsheet  and the  upside down comforter,  place it inside your bedding closet, storing it inside a fabric storage bag. Ensure your bedding sets are stored in dry and cool cabinets to prevent discolouration and moisture-trapping incidences. 

  • General Care Tips for Bedsheets 

Don’t overlook the significance of taking care of your  bedsheet,  as it is essential to keep them clean and free from sweat and dirt to keep them for several years while enjoying comfortable sleep. Plus, paying attention to the quality of the bedsheets and bed linens you choose is essential. 

  • Replace Worn-out Sheets 

Invest in premium cotton bedsheets that are made using top-quality materials like microfiber. Comforters made using microfibers are known for offering a durable service and are easy to care for, making them an apt choice for someone who would love to wrap up in soft and comfy bedding. 

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Summing Up

To get the most out of your bedsheet, the first step is to take good care of it maintain and store it based on the type of bedding you own. You can  buy bedsheet online  at the site of  Nilkamal Sleep  to stay assured of choosing comforters, snug, pillows, and bedsheets crafted using premium fabrics to offer durable service.

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