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How Are Latex Mattresses Manufactured, and Why Should You Buy Them?

How Are Latex Mattresses Manufactured, and Why Should You Buy Them?

Quality of sleep determines the quality of health. A night of good sleep contributes to both physical and mental states. And a  mattress  plays a vital role. A high-quality breathable  mattress  packed with nature's goodness and providing the proper support is best for the body. Latex mattress  is one of the best eco-friendly option available in the market. Natural latex is derived from plants and free from toxins, which makes it suitable for sensitive skin. Its benefits outshine its contemporaries. In later parts, we will understand the  latex mattress  manufacturing process and dig deep for reasons to buy it. Explore to  buy latex mattress online  and sleep essentials. 

What Is a Latex Mattress?

A  latex mattress  is primarily a combination of latex and other layers of foam or spring. Latex is a natural substance obtained from rubber trees. Its potential was first discovered in the 1900s by Dunlopillo. You will surely love the  natural latex mattress  if you like eco-friendly and organic items. But the sap collected from trees cannot be used directly in  mattresses. It undergoes a process to produce latex. 

What Is the Manufacturing Process of Latex Mattresses?

Collection of Sap

The first step is to collect sap from the rubber trees. The rubber trees are carefully planted and grown. The trees take around six years to develop and mature for sap extraction. A tapper makes a thin diagonal cut on the bark of the rubber tree with a tool known as a tapping knife. The white substance flows down the bark and collects in the attached bucket. A single tapping last for six hours. The white substance is the sap that is later processed into latex. The rubber trees are properly maintained because it determines the quality of sap.  

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Sap Into Latex Mattress

After collecting sap, it undergoes different processes to form soft and bouncy latex layers. There are two popular manufacturing processes to solidify the sap in desired shape and size. 

  • Dunlop

Under this process, After rubber sap is collected, it is then mixed with foaming agents. These agents create foam structures that add bounciness to the latex. After this step, the solution is poured into moulds of different sizes like single bed size, king size etc. Now the foaming process is initiated. After foaming, the latex is exposed to high heat for solidification of the latex. The process makes it more durable. Later the solidified  mattress  is cooled down and washed to remove any unwanted residue left behind in the process. One of the advantages of Dunlop latex is that it can manufacture in large sizes.

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  • Talalay Method

It is a newer manufacturing process compared to Dunlop. The process is slightly different, which leads to different textures. Like the Dunlop method, the collected sap is mixed with additives that enhance the quality and features of latex. Later, the mixture is vacuum-sealed in the container and then flash-freeze to solidify. After freezing, the mould is transferred to a heating chamber for flash heat. In the next step, the latex is washed and cleaned in mattresses. This rapid freezing and heat expand the latex and gives it a uniform luxurious texture. 

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Reasons for Buying a Latex Mattress

The  latex mattress  has numerous benefits that make it a valuable addition to your household. A person with sensitive skin and back pain will love the  mattress

Sustainably Sourced Raw Material

If you care about the environment and want to  buy mattress online  that doesn't adversely impact nature, latex mattresses are for you. Rubber trees are the source of the sap. These trees are grown on acres and stay alive for around 100 years. The trees not only provide latex for mattresses but also provide fresh oxygen to maintain the ecosystem. The process of obtaining sap is eco-friendly and doesn't harm any tree.

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Free From Toxic Chemicals

Are you allergic to chemicals, and your skin is sensitive?  Mattress  foams are infused with several chemicals that might give rise to allergies and infection. Natural latex is free from harmful chemicals that irritate the skin. A  mattress  like an  ECOAIR latex mattress  is made entirely from 100% natural latex and is thus suitable for everyone. You can easily  buy latex mattresses online

Cool Cosy Feel

The mattresses trap heat and make a person hot and sweaty, which disrupts sleep. The latex scores high on this point. It facilitates airflow within the  natural latex mattress. The pinhole structure and holes in the latex maintain proper ventilation. The air circulation dissipates heat and keeps body temperature low. So you enjoy peaceful and uninterrupted slumber throughout the night. Get an  ECOAIR latex mattress  with ultra-cool Tencel fabric for an extra cooling effect. It makes the  mattress  surface feel soft and fresh.

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Maintain Good Body Posture

The hectic lifestyle and long hours in front of computers have adversely impacted our spine alignment. The  latex mattress  is soft and bouncy and gives a comfy feeling. It cradles the body and adjusts as per the shape of the sleeper. It provides cushiony support to the back and relieves pressure points. Over time the body's posture improves, and the backbone against its natural alignment. 

Easy Maintenance

Regular cleaning of mattresses is not possible. The dust and dirt accumulated on the bed attract bacteria, fungi and microbes that cause allergies, infection and other health-related problems. But your  latex mattress  is natural microbes repellant. The antimicrobial property of the  natural latex mattress  repeals dust, dirt, fungi and bacteria. So you go to bed without worrying about allergies and infections. While you  buy latex mattress online, check for antimicrobial covers. 

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A  latex mattress  is a gift of nature. It blends comfort and natural benefits. It is a sustainable choice that depicts your responsibility towards the environment. Bring home the epitome of luxury and comfort. You can easily  buy mattress online  from the comfort of your home from  Doctor Dreams

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