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Choosing The Perfect Pillow

Nilkamal Sleep Guide To Choosing The Perfect Pillow

When was the last time you thought about the pillow you slept on? Is the pillow you use the  best pillow for sleeping?  Well, most people dont seem to pay attention to their pillow or rather do not give it the importance they would give to a mattress. Mattresses are very important as they support the body when asleep. However, pillows are also important pieces of upholstery in the bed frame that support the head to ensure that the body and brain get much-needed rest at night. To  explore  a range of exquisite and durable king-size beds, visit  Doctor Home  today!

Why Does Good Pillow Matter?

The pillow helps to support the sleep posture. The ideal posture is the body in alignment from the knees to hips to the spine to the chest, shoulders, head and neck. If the neck and shoulders are unsupported and are pushed at an angle which causes curling, craning or twisting, it puts pressure on the spine rendering the body out of alignment. This leads to strain and discomfort in the neck and back. Like the mattress, comfort and support are two important factors for a  pillow.  A  neck support pillow  is vital for choosing one.

When Should You Replace Your Pillow

Generally, it is recommended to change bed pillows after 18 months of use. Memory foam pillows last longer, and expensive ones last upto five years. However, if you are using a pillow over five years old, you are not getting the most out of it.  

Test to check the functionality of your pillow

If you are unsure of whether your pillow is worn out or not, do the below test:

  • First, take off the pillow case and examine it. Does it have stains, holes or a foul smell? Pillows collect dead skin cells, mould, mildew, fungus, dust mites, or feces. These can trigger allergies that can hinder breathing during sleep. 
  • If your  pillow  folds in half, it is a dead one. Synthetic pillows can be folded in half with some weight on top. If your pillow does not spring back to shape, replace it. 

Pick a Pillow Guide

Selecting a pillow is individual to people, and there is no one size fits all. The six elements listed below will give you a good instinct about what is most comfortable and appropriate for you.

1. Fibre or Fill

  • Down pillows

Down pillows are light and soft, and people worry about allergic reactions and sensitivity to feathers and fibres. Hypoallergenic pillows are ideal for people who have allergic reactions and are one of the best pillow for sleeping.

  • Synthetic down or polyester fill

Less expensive than natural hypoallergenic ones, these need to be replaced more frequently. They tend to be soft or medium-thick and will flatten over time. The fill power is another crucial factor, and higher the fill (over 600) is a good neck support pillow

  • Wool pillows

Naturally hypo allergenic, these are resistant to mites and dust. They wick moisture away from the head and neck and also regulate the temperature whilst sleeping. They are firm and last long, keeping warm during winters and cool during summers.  Pillows  made from alpaca wool are the best.

  • Cotton

Cotton pillows are also naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites and fungus. They tend to be flat and firm and are ideal for people with allergy symptoms.

  • Latex

More firm, they hold shape and are resistant to dust and mites. Pillows designed to give extra support to the neck for back and snoring troubles tend to be made of latex.

  • Memory foam

These are extremely popular and adjust to individual shapes. It softens the neck, head, and shoulders, making it the best choice for people with pain.

2. Fill Weight

The pillow's weight is an individual preference, and down and synthetic pillows are lightweight, and memory foam and latex pillows tend to be heavier.

3. Quality Of The Fill

Quality is vital to comfort, support and durability. Select the highest quality that will fit your budget.

4. Size Of Pillow

A standard-size  pillow  will suffice for everyone. However, if you like a large pillow that will help you roll and support your head, neck and shoulder in whichever posture you sleep, then choose that one. Check  out  a pillowcase that will fit properly from  Nilkamal Sleep.

5. Fabric

Choose the natural and breathable fabric to cover your pillows. Pillowcases extend the life of the pillows and protect them from stains and sweat. Decorative ones look good but may not provide comfort and durability.

6. Process Of Manufacture

Synthetic pillows are made through chemical processes; it is good to be aware of the same. The manufacturing process could have a bearing on your allergies or other ailments.

Choosing A Pillow According To Sleeping Position

The sleeping position does matter to the choice of  pillow.  Below are some guidelines for selecting a pillow according to sleeping postures.

  • Side sleepers need a firmer pillow and a thick one.
  • Stomach sleepers need a soft pillow or don't need one at all.
  • A softer pillow is preferable for back sleepers.
  • It may need a firmer pillow and a pillow on the thicker side. 

Do Mattress Need To Be Closely Related To The Pillow

Yes! A soft  pillow  is a good choice if you have a firm mattress. The pillow is lying on a firm surface and adapts to the pressure of the head weight to align your sleeping position. Alternatively, a better pillow should be chosen for a softer mattress.


Pillows are designed in several shapes to offer additional support and stability to the head, neck and shoulders. Contoured and cervical pillows are sold to relieve the body's pressure points. Do not ignore your pillow! An integral element of the sleep cycle, owning the right one can help you feel comfortable and give you a restful night.  Buy  home accessories from  Nilkamal Sleep  to access the range of products online!


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