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Expert Recommended Tips to Take Care Of Your Mattress in This Rainy Season

Expert Recommended Tips to Take Care Of Your Mattress in This Rainy Season

Usually, a good night’s sleep is connected to the quality of your mattress. Mattresses provide you with the necessary support and comfort so you can wake up refreshed and without pain. However, taking care of your mattress protector during this season requires some special attention, especially when it is raining. The higher humidity level causes mould, mildew, and dust mites that damage your mattress or even affect your health. Here, we provide expert-recommended mattress care tips to take care of your mattress if you buy mattress online during this damp season.

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Top Tips To Take Care Of Your Mattress in This Rainy Season

Waterproof Protectors

Buy mattress online with high-quality waterproof protectors for mattresses. These will help keep moisture, spills and stains from getting into the bed, hence keeping it dry.

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Breathable Materials

Opt for protectors made from breathable materials to avoid trapping heat and ensure you sleep comfortably.

Room Ventilation

Make sure your bedroom has enough ventilation space. You can use exhaust fans or air conditioners to reduce the levels of humidity, while during times when it doesn’t rain, open windows to allow fresh air circulation.

Mattress Airing

Regularly airing out your mattress is one of the best mattress care tips. Put it upright in an area where there is sunshine for a few hours every two or three weeks; sunlight helps eliminate moisture as well as kill bacteria and dust mites.


Vacuum cleaning your mattress at least monthly to get rid of dirt, allergens and dust is another one of the best mattress care tips. Also, remember to pay close attention to seams as well as crevices.

Spot Cleaning

Deal with any spills or stains immediately by using a mild detergent together with a clean cloth to dab onto those stained areas, simply making sure that no water soaks through since mould might grow due to excessive moistness on top of such a mattress.


Keep a dehumidifier inside your bedroom to reduce overall moisture present in the atmosphere; this particularly applies more during rainy seasons when humidity becomes very high.

Air Purifiers

Buy mattress  and purchase an air purifier fitted with HEPA filters. These appliances assist in lowering amounts of allergens, mould spores and dust mites, hence promoting cleaner sleeping surroundings.


Turn your mattress protector 180 degrees every three to six months so that it wears out uniformly. It helps keep the shape and prolongs the life of a mattress.


Every six months, reverse your reversible double-sided mattress on the other side. On the other hand, swivel mattresses are more common, and they are not meant for flipping.

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Bed Frames with Slats

Instead of solid bases, use beds that have slats. They increase airflow under the mattress topper, which results in less moisture build-up.

Mattress Risers

By slightly raising your bed, you can enhance air circulation, thus preventing dampness from reaching its underside and affecting your mattress.

Odor Removal

One of the best mattress care tips is to spread some baking soda over your mattress surface then allow it to stay for a few hours before vacuuming off. Baking soda absorbs moisture and odours found in your mattress cover, making it smell fresh again.

Natural Fresheners

Another one of the great mattress care tips is to add some drops of essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus into baking soda before applying them on top of the bed. The presence of such natural oils acts as an antibacterial agent, leaving you with a good smell after you sleep on them.

Dry Storage Area

If you must store your mattress, make sure it’s put where there is no dampness or humidity around. In addition, place a dust sheet on top to prevent dirt from falling over it together with other unwanted particles.

Vertical Storage

Store the mattresses vertically to minimise sagging and allow a greater flow of air through them.

Frequent Checkups

Regularly inspect your mattress cover for signs of mould or mildew. Look for spots, musty smells, and discolouration. Quick detection can be a great assistance to you in preventing much damage.

Mould Cleanup

If you find that mould has formed on your mattress, use a mild soap and water solution to clean it. Be sure to let the bed completely dry before sleeping on it again.


Mattress care tips are necessary during the rainy season if your mattress is to serve you long while maintaining a healthy sleep environment. You can keep moisture away from your mattress topper by following these mattress care tips given by the experts, ensuring no moulds are growing in your mattress and other problems associated with high humidity. Your bed will remain comfortable and supportive throughout its lifespan with regular cleaning, proper air circulation around the room and protective covers, thus ensuring it stays in top condition. If you want to buy mattress online, then  Nilkamal Sleep  is your one-stop solution. 

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Why do we need a water-resistant mattress cover during the rainy season?

This type of mattress protector prevents moisture from soaking into the bedding, discouraging the growth of moulds or mites.

How many times do I need to expose my mattress outside during this wet spell?

You can hang out your bedding once in a while, especially within some hours under sunlight, so that heat can absorb moisture and act against bacteria.

Can I use my normal hoover to clean my bed?

Normal vacuum cleaners with upholstery attachments can eradicate dirt particles, dust and allergens from your sleeping surface. However, it is important to use normal hoovers or vacuum cleaners carefully in this process. 

What are the benefits of a dehumidifier in a bedroom?

It helps fight excessive humidity and reduces chances for fungus formation, hence purifying air within one’s bedroom.

How do you remove smells from mattresses naturally?

Baking soda sprinkled over a few hours, followed by vacuuming, may help out in this case. This can be further enhanced by adding an essential oil to the baking soda.

Do I need to flip and rotate my mattress regularly?

Yes, you must rotate and flip your bed so that it remains even, retaining its form and increasing its lifespan. Every 6 months, flip it (if applicable) or in between 3-6 months, change its position completely.

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