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Best Solution to Get Rid of Your Back Pain: TRUGRID® Mattress

Best Solution to Get Rid of Your Back Pain: TRUGRID® Mattress

Do you ever wonder if your mattress is causing your back pain? Your bed may not be comfortable despite adapting to the correct sleeping position. Here, your bedding is the problem. A comfortable bed is essential for a good night's sleep. Bedding comfort improves as technology advances. 

Until recently, memory foam mattress was considered luxurious, but grid mattress has gained popularity. Developed with innovative grid technology, the Doctor Dreams grid bedding eases body discomfort. It combines the top feature of spring bedding, the bounce, memory foam luxury, and a coir bed's durability in one, the TRUGRID® bedding. Read on to learn more about the TRUGRID® Mattress  and how it helps you to get rid of your back pain.

What is a TRUGRID® Bedding? 

The memory foam mattress is known to do little to enhance sleep quality. But, Doctor Dreams intelligent grid bedding may be a revolution in mattress  technology that improves sleep quality beyond memory foam.

It provides appropriate support in the right body areas compared to memory foam. There is no memory foam in this mattress, no spring in it, and it is also not made of latex.

Modern engineering was used to create the intelligent super elastic hypo polymer grid. This flexible, ventilated, and supportive grid makes it easier to fall asleep. The mattress regulates body temperature and induces deep relaxation while sleeping. In addition to two layers of soft foam, the cushion is made of PU foam that provides a smooth and pleasant feel. A high-quality cover surrounds the grid bed's comfort layers, so it feels as good as it looks. This reduces back pain and alleviates other body pains over time.

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Benefits of TRUGRID®

This is a specialized mattress designed for people with physical discomfort and back pain who can't sleep well.

  1. Grid technology for pain relief

Is your body causing you to stay awake? Pressure-relieving grid technology supports your body's temperature control and pain-free sleep. 

  1. Comfortable dual-foam design

When you're tired after a long day, you'll appreciate the comfort of this TRUGRID® soft bedding. Using CNC-cut technology, the dual-foam layer provides ultimate comfort while sleeping. 

  1. Smooth Designer cover with high GSM

The first thing you notice about the  grid mattress  is its designer cover. The cover's intricate design offers luxurious softness with a high GSM rating.

  1. Provides Additional Spine Support

The TRUGRID® is both soft & firm for luxury comfort and additional spine support for relieving back pain. Hence it is considered the  best mattress for back pain.

  1. Provides Enjoyable Bounce Factor

Grid beddings are rubber-like or behave like latex bedding. As a result, the bed bounces well and still allows objects to sink into it (depending on the grid firmness). You love the bounce factor when you sit or lay on a firm grid bed. A grid bed configured with a softer mattress material would allow your body to sink more quickly. Grid bedding has a higher bounce (in a denser version) and a moderate bounce (in a low-density version).

Unique Grid Technology Features

  • TRUGRID® isolate motion and ensure that partners are not disturbed. Your partner's movement does not matter in what proportion.
  • Like a memory  foam mattress, Grid technology has several air channels to ensure it does not trap your body heat. It keeps you cool and comfortable while you sleep.
  • The grid makes you feel right all night with 1,400 air channels and temperature-neutral gel.
  • This bed is designed to provide you with great sleep for an extended period. It is ultra-durable and does not sag or sink like foam or memory foam mattress.
  • In addition to being soft, the grid also provides support. 

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Why is TRUGRID® Mattress the Best for Back Pain?

  • The bedding has become more comfortable thanks to the proper grid technology. Its firmness and softness provide optimum support and luxury for the shoulder, neck, and back.
  • In many cases, the actual grid has helped relieve the body aches that users may experience due to their regular sleep habits.
  • With the accurate grid, they can sleep soundly and without worry.
  • Typical beds or orthopaedic beddings are medium crazy on the top layer and firm on the support layer - this will support your back but does not provide much comfort.
  • In addition to providing superior support, The Doctor Dreams TRUGRID® bedding also offers supreme comfort.


The best mattress brand in India, Doctor Dreams emphasizes every bed's luxury and overall features. All bedding is made from high-quality  mattress material  and is guaranteed for a long time. TRUGRID® mattress  is the best option for zero back pain mattresses compared to other beddings. Explore Doctor Dreams for warranty and customer satisfaction that can help you get comfortable, high-quality sleep and best mattress for back pain.

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