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All-in-one Exclusive Guide On TRUGRID® Mattress: Its Pros and Cons

All-in-one Exclusive Guide On TRUGRID® Mattress: Its Pros and Cons

Over the centuries, scientists have investigated "Sleep" and made several discoveries. Upon discovering that sleep affects health, scientists began researching how to improve sleep with aids and external objects. They developed many theories and technologies to enhance sleep quality as the world moved into the modern era. Increasing inventions led to the development of sleeping products like mattress, pillows, and comforters that turned the concept of sleeping into a comfortable and luxurious one. 

There's no competition for memory foam, latex, or spring beds. Despite this, these beds had downsides that impacted a person's sleep. Thus, finding a durable, high-quality, eco-friendly, sleep-improving material is necessary. TRUGRID® mattress  has all these features. Keep reading to learn all the features, different bedding layers, and pros and cons of a proper grid mattress

Origin and Design of TRUGRID® Mattress

Memory foam technology originated in NASA to protect airline passengers and pilots from crashes. This technology offers a comfortable sleeping environment. But this has a significant disadvantage since memory foam provides similar comfort in all areas. Some parts of our bodies require more support than others.

In the innovative grid concept, different body parts receive the right level of support. There is no memory foam, latex, or springs in this bed. As opposed to this, the accurate grid comprises a hyper-elastic polymer that absorbs pressure and provides comfort depending on the body part it accommodates. 

Thus, it offers firm support to the back while providing a soft feeling to our hips, shoulders, and neck. Furthermore, it maintains a straight spine at all times.

TRUGRID® Mattress – The Different Layers

Several layers of the proper grid mattress support the spine while providing comfort to specific body parts.

  1. Knitted Fabric with High GSM (removable zipper cover) 

Mattress material with a high GSM density and a heat-absorbing surface. 

  1. Covered with an Airy Net 

The Banyan cover is soft and breathable, enhanced by premium netting. 

  1. Grid Made of a Super Elastic Homopolymer 

With advanced engineering, this surface provides flexibility, ventilation, and support. 

  1. Soft Foam 

Sleep with a plush feel and optimum comfort thanks to the  soft mattress.

  1. Superior PU Foam 

Soft, feather-like foam that regulates body temperature and promotes restful sleep.

An air-flow-friendly cover protects these five layers.

Features of TRUGRID® Mattress

The quality of TRUGRID® bedding is as follows:

  • A Smart Grid bed provides two times more back support than traditional bedding due to its grid-like structure that intelligently adapts to your body shape. 
  • With a grid pattern, the walls buckle down and cuddle the hips and shoulders, keeping the spine straight while remaining firm and providing back support. Hence, it gives a more plush and cozy than an orthopaedic mattress.
  • As you sleep, the intelligent grid bed will isolate you from the twisting and moving of your partner.
  • TruGrid® bedding grid technology has many channels which allow a comfortable airflow throughout the bed, ensure maximum comfort and avoid retaining body heat.
  • Innovative Grid beds are hypoallergenic because they are made from food-grade polymers and do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 
  • As such, it is non-toxic and safe for everyone in the family, including children and the elderly.

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Pros and Cons of TRUGRID®

Grid beds have advantages over memory foam and spring bedding, and it combines the properties of latex foam and memory foam to provide a sinking sensation.


Medium-firm to soft is the texture of the grid layer. Thus, movement on one grid does not affect the other grids. Your shoulders and pelvic area sink into the grid bedding like rubber, and at the same time, it maintains a straight spine.


The TRUGRID® beddings are flexible enough to accommodate all sleeping positions. You can have a sound sleep on your back or side comfortably with a soft grid.


Besides removing body heat, the open grid structure maintains optimum comfort levels while sleeping. The grid material also contains a gel that keeps the temperature neutral.

Bounciness and Support

The actual grid beddings are similar to latex beds. The bedding provides the right bounce, allowing objects to sink into it. Different density levels are available; firmer grids offer better support, while soft grids offer higher comfort.

Perfect for all Age Groups 

It is ideal for all ages to sleep on the TRUGRID® mattress. Orthopaedic bedding provides specialised support for your joints if you suffer chronic pain and helps in pain relieving.

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Cons of TRUGRID® Mattress

Though the grid bed has many advantages, it has some disadvantages too. They are:

No Assurance with Density

These beds cannot guarantee a  better sleep  experience with high-density grid firm bedding.

Orthopaedic Comfort

Patients with back pain, inflammation, or other issues may not benefit from the uneven support offered by high-density grid bedding. Your posture would be supported and aligned if you had a delicate, soft, and comforting touch. As for a mild variant, the flexibility and compression properties would make it unsuitable for ortho foam beds.


Rubber-based grid beddings are an alternative to polyurethane-based memory foam, which is porous (although the size varies according to density). Grid beds are heavier than foam bedding because of this.

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Thus, hopefully, authentic grid technology bedding will continue to provide comfort and support, and this beautiful creation will modify many other things. Shop a TRUGRID® bed from Nilkamal Sleep today to have a sound sleep every night.

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