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A Guide to Purchase a King Size Bed Online At Doctor Dreams

A Guide to Purchase a King Size Bed Online At Doctor Dreams


King-size beds are perfect for those who require more space. The more spacious the bed, the more it will be comfortable. These beds allow you to toss and turn comfortably. After the whole day of the hustle and bustle, we expect to get the best sleep in bed. A  king size bed  never disappoints you in providing great comfort with ample space. More space always helps you gain more comfort and leads to quality sleep. Many get confused between the double-size bed and the  king size bed Double-size beds are suitable for two people, and king-size beds have even more space than double-size beds.  Check out  king-size beds by visiting  Doctor Dreams.

Buying Guide of King-Size Bed at Doctordreams

Many brands offer you  king-size beds.  But before purchasing  king size bed online,  you should take care of certain things. These things are essential to consider before buying a king-size bed, irrespective of the brand.

Measure the Floor Size

When purchasing a bed, you must measure the floor size of your room. A room with more length and width is perfect for a king-size bed. The standard size is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long. Your room should have the capacity to include your bed, leaving additional space for another piece of furniture in the room.

Types of Materials

The durability and look of your room depending on the materials used in your bed. Primarily two types of material are prevalent in the case of developing a long-lasting bed, and these are Hardwood and Engineered Hardwood, and both have different features.

  • Hardwood

Hardwood is ideal for your bed as it makes it durable, adding a magnificent look to your room. It is also suitable for your health and enhances the beauty of your bedroom by giving a premium look. You can choose either ready-made or custom-made bed. Since the  bed is made of hardwood,  and it is easy to get different designs, you will have multiple options to select your king-size bed. It will help you find the bed that ideally fits your room.

  • Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood is affordable, durable,  cheaper than hardwood,  and suitable for humid weather. If you belong to a place where the environment is more humid, an engineered hardwood bed will be an ideal choice.

Storage Options

Before purchasing a  king-size bed,  check out whether the storage option is available or not. Since such a bed will occupy ample space, storage options will allow you to save space in your room by providing space to store other valuable goods. A bed with storage options comes with drawers, a box or a headboard. You can opt for a bed without storage if you prefer a simple look of the room by keeping the bed without a storage facility. 

Since there are different storage facilities, you will have to choose which type of storage design enhances the beauty of your room. If your bed has a side drawer, you can easily use these drawers to declutter your bedroom.

Most customers prefer beds with box storage as it offers you more space to store some other things like off-season clothes or extra books.

Headboard storage is another good option to keep some goods within your reach. Apart from providing the facility to keep the goods, a bed with headboard storage will also give your room a modern look. 

Types of Bed

There are various types of beds with different designs and purposes. Few beds are listed below:

  • Sofa Cum Bed

A sofa cum bed is perfect if you prefer a multipurpose bed. If you have less space in your room, this type of bed will serve the purpose of both sofa and bed. Due to the rich design and look, you can use this bed day and night. It will also be wise if you want to upgrade your room to a new and modern look.

  • Platform Bed

Platform beds have no storage facility, and are simple in style with the minimum setting. Due to being closer to the ground, these beds are more stable. They are suitable for people with back pain. These beds are available at an affordable price and are perfect for small rooms.

  • Poster Bed

The four-poster bed is suitable for giving your room a royal look. Irrespective of the design of your room, a poster bed enhances the beauty of your room, bringing a unique vibe. Some people consider poster beds to be old-fashioned, which is not true at all. Poster beds are still available with different magnificent and exclusive designs.

Benefits of King-Size Bed

A king-sized bed comes with many benefits because people having families prefer to purchase a king-size bed.

  • More Space and Comfort

A king-size bed is the best for  providing extra space  that enhances the possibility of great comfort. You can sleep by occupying an ample space without disturbing your partner. If you also share your bed with your child, a king-size bed can fulfil the space requirement.

  • Suitable for Patients with Body Pain

If you have arthritis or other body pain, you have difficulty constantly sleeping in a similar position. A king-size bed allows you to sleep to keep changing your posture without disturbing your partner.

  • Available in Multiple Design

King-size beds are available in different designs, allowing you to pick one suitable for your room. These beds will enhance the look of your bedroom by encouraging you to decorate your room by applying many creative ideas. Another significant benefit of king-size beds is that king-sized mattresses help relieve your pressure because these mattresses help you get rid of body pain.


You must buy a king-size bed if you are a family person and share your bed with your child and partner. These beds will allow you to sleep peacefully with great comfort. Sleep is an essential thing in our lives. Apart from providing comfort,  king size bed  also helps you to relieve pain as they come with pressure relieving options."
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