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Improve Your Sleeping Habit

7 Simple Tips to Improve Your Sleeping Habit


The article focuses on improving sleep patterns on a regular basis. Some simple tips have been discussed further to improve the sleeping experience and support overall health.

7 Simple Tips to Improve Your Sleeping Habit

Boost Your Health with a Blissful Sleep Everyday

In today’s fast pace life in metro cities and towns, the sleeping pattern is not fixed for everyone. Students might be stressed thinking about their score while the working professionals are thinking about targets and payments. Everyone has their own personal issue that lingers along during the sleeping hours causing disturbed sleep or insomnia. For a peaceful sleep, it is necessary to overcome bouts of stress and pressure as soon as you close your eyes.

Poor sleeping habits can lead to various health problems such as negative effects on hormones and brain function. Below mentioned are some simple tips for a sound sleep:

Every day get exposed to natural light for some time. It will keep you energetic throughout the day and increase the sleeping duration at night.

Reduce night time exposure to blue light, generally found in smart phones and computers. If urgent, wear glasses to obstruct blue light.

Do not Neglect Exercise

Consuming caffeine later in the day stimulates the nervous system and causes trouble relaxing at night. Drinking coffee after 3 to 4 p.m. is not recommended.

Housewives, students, kids etc. who sleep extra hours during the day time nap are expected to get a disrupted sleep at night.

Sleep hormones get disturbed in case of consumption of alcohol.

Bedroom environment affects sleep quality. Temperature, furniture, lights and noise are certain factors stimulating sleep environment.

Relaxing hot water bath can help in sleeping better.

Ignoring sleep for work, study or any other reason is not good for health. End of the day, it is advisable to relax your senses and get ready for a sound sleep. In fact, 15 to 20minutes power nap also relaxes and boosts memory. So, if you want to rush for a late-night flight or working for a night shift, a power nap will always help.
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