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Velvette Upholstered faq

Is this bed made from metal or wood?

The Velvette Upholstered Bed is a hybrid construction. The bed material used at the base is a durable wood that’s upheld with metal legs. So, your body will get a great amount of support to induce bed material.

Why should I get this bed?

The upholstered bed has an outer layer of soft velvet fabric. This modern bed design won’t just look extremely stylish, but the soft edges help in preventing unwanted injuries as well.
If you want to create a happy space, then these white and blue coloured variants will brighten up your room.

Can I use this bed to store things?

While there’s no specific compartment in this piece for that purpose, you can definitely use the underside as a storage area to make the most out of your purchase.
Getting a large bed size will be ideal in such a case.

How to clean this bed?

No matter how big your bed’s dimensions are, you’ll experience a simple and easy cleaning process.
On a regular basis, wipe all corners of the bed with a dry cloth.
In case you spill drinks or drop food items, clear them with a damp cloth. But remember to wipe it dry and ensure that there’s no moisture left.
You can also use a gentle vacuum to suck out the dirt.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we do!
Enjoy amazing bed prices, easy unboxing, and free shipping as well. Contact us to know about replacement, return, and warranty policies.

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