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Are you looking to upgrade your bedroom with new furniture and mattresses? Are you looking to dispose of that old pesky mattress and obtain a new functional one? Either way, you can buy a mattress with the desired thickness range offline or online. An 8 inch mattress is a standard size available online and offline at varying prices. While offline shopping can be intimidating, and a mattress 8 inch price can be expensive, resorting to online mattress shopping can yield benefits, including doorstep delivery, discounts, and a wide mattress range. While many e-commerce online stores are popular buying options, buying a mattress from a bedding and furniture provider can make a huge difference. You can buy an 8 inch mattress online from Nilkamal Sleep, a one-stop bedding shopping destination with categories- spring mattress 8 inch, latex, orthopaedic, and more.

While a slim profile mattress can ruin sleep quality and create endless tossing and turning, it can worsen your energy levels throughout the next day. The mattress thickness is always a sought-after question, apart from the mattress material and durability. The standard mattress size of 8 inches is ideal for cushioning, contouring, support, durability, and weight distribution but can be firmer for lightweight sleepers. If you prefer more cushioning and plushness compared to a low profile 2-5 inch mattress or a slim 6–7-inch mattress, an 8 inch mattress should offer a restful sleep experience. The answer to the mattress thickness boils down to the type of sleeper you are, your body weight, shift sides, and medical conditions. However, an 8 inch mattress size combines optimum support, motion isolation, and pressure relief under one blanket and is ideal for adults.

An orthopaedic 8 inch mattress with memory foam as the primary material and supportive PU foam can relieve you from back pain while releasing trapped heat using cooling gel, just as in our Ice foam mattress. An 8-inch foam mattress with advanced anatomical zones can cradle your spine with medium softness, just as in our Ultrabliss 8 inch mattress collection. The ultra-soft foam, hybrid ortho properties, and highly resilient supportive foam can incredibly align your spine muscles, wade away unending pains, and provide tailored-back support at an affordable price. Compared to other mattress thickness ranges like 2 to 5 inches or 6-7 inches, an 8 inch orthopaedic mattress provides a win-win for back and stomach sleepers.

An 8 inch mattress is comfortable and durable compared to low-profile and slim mattresses with fewer contouring layers. For overweight and obese people, a 10 inch mattress can provide more support and cushioning. However, this standard mattress size of 8 inches is enough for daily usage because of its lulling ability and deeper comfort. The mattress core support system with a supportive layer is crucial for maintaining proper spinal alignment and preventing sagging. An 8 inch mattress offers surface comfort, reduces pressure points, and enhances overall comfort better than 2 to 7-inch mattresses.

Different 8 inch mattress sizes available on our website include single, diwan, queen, and king. You can grab a reversible foam mattress, cooling gel memory foam, hybrid spring, and orthopaedic mattress from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 20000 with exclusive discounts and offers. Mattresses with 8 inches in thickness accommodate different bedding needs and your budget range while striking a balance between optimum support, comfort, and price. You can grab an 8 inch mattress from our Nilkamal Sleep website and indulge in a heavenly sleeping experience without worrying about price, quality, contouring, spine support, or sleeping position.

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